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ECU Quilt Sneak Peak


As you may remember, in July my mother-in-law asked if she could commission me to make an ECU quilt for her boyfriend (it still feels weird to use the word ‘boyfriend’ when speaking of 70 year old people). So, I ordered the material and got to work on it last month. This quilt is partly why I have been so quiet lately, as I was heads-down trying to get it done as quickly as possible.

Once I was done with the piecing, it was sent off for quilting… buying me a few weeks’ break from it and giving me time to work on some other things. This was the first quilt I have ever sent off for quilting, but since it is intended as a gift for someone I wanted it to be more awesome than I could manage on my home machine. Normally I would rent long arm time for a quilt this size, but since it would end up costing about the same thing I decide to just let Cary Quilting Company do the work for me.

Now the quilt is back! And it even came with a sweet note thanking me for doing a good job preparing it. That makes me think… PSA time! Folks, when you send stuff to be quilted please press your quilt tops and backs very well beforehand. Take care of any bulky or twisted seams, and make things as flat and smooth as possible. Using a spray starch like Best Press helps! Also, make sure to reverse-stitch or stay-stitch any seams that end on the edge of the fabric so they don’t fray open. Doing this will make the quilting much easier and it will look better too! Then, of course, be sure to follow any instructions the person quilting it for you has… like how much extra batting and backing is needed, and whether or not to leave the selvages on the backing. All of these things truly make a difference, and can make the life of the person doing this precious work much less stressful. Now I will step down from my PSA soap box.

The quilting came out great! They used a computerized design from Willow Leaf Studio called Soap Flakes, which can also be purchased as a pantograph if that is your thing. Since I wasn’t sure which thread color to use, I just let the quilter pick… she suggested yellow, I thought that sounded good, so that is what we went with.

I machine stitched the binding on last night. Now it is time to finish the binding with some blind-stitching (by hand)… then hopefully I can snap some good pictures before I send it off to its new home.

I snapped these photos quickly with my phone this morning… sorry they aren’t the best. Tonight I am going to a sewing meet up at Spoonflower’s headquarters, where I hope to make some progress on the binding and make some new sewing-friends!

What else have I been up to? I have made some more progress on On Point, but I have no photos to share. This is because I have mostly been working on this at the two quilting bees I attended (once a month) and that isn’t really the best setting for photos.

I made a wristlet for my mother over the weekend, which I also failed to photograph… not that exciting anyway.

I have three Marquise blocks waiting for photos… and the completed Under the Veranda top is still patiently waiting as well.

Hopefully I can get back to my usual pace of over-blogging soon! Things have just been a little weird with the ECU quilt in the mix, as well as the blog hop I participated in, and my generally busy life of late. Does anyone else ever feel like time and the universe are conspiring against you at every turn?


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