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Don’t Quilt When You Are Sick


I am miserably sick for the second time this year. Before having a kid I rarely had more than a sniffle. This is what you get when you let your kid mingle with their own kind I suppose. Last time it was a summer cold, which is something I don’t wish on anyone… this time it was either a hellacious cold or a mild flu. Anna had a flu shot a month ago, but I haven’t had one yet this year. She came home with a little infrequent cough and I only had to wipe her nose once. Once! But what do I get? Last weekend I was exhausted, then Monday morning I felt pretty crappy… by Monday night, misery. I have coughed so much I ache. Today (Thursday) it has finally abated enough that cold meds mostly control the symptoms… so silly me tried to get back to my usual routine.

The Japanese Water Garden (JWG) quilt has been giving me a guilt trip for abandoning it lately, so while I was waiting for the flannel backing for another quilt to dry (I don’t normally prewash, but thought I should since flannel is extra shrink-y) I had the crazy idea to baste JWG and try out a quilting design with dragonflies in it. Maybe it was the cold meds that made me think this was a good idea. I took up long arming for a reason!! This is absolutely the last time I try to do anything other than straight lines on my domestic machine. At least until the next time I try it. And fail at it.

As you can see, it really looks terrible. The tension is off, the stitches are awful… Right now I am trying to decide if I should pick this out and try again at home or if I should try to salvage it on the long arm… Regardless, I think it is going to now go back to abandoned status for a while because if I ignore it, maybe it will fix itself. In the meantime, I am going to baste up the little secret gift quilt I am working on, quilt it with straight lines and then, when I am feeling all good about myself for having a finish under my belt, I will go back to JWG. Or actually… I need to finish Anna’s Halloween costume, THEN I will go back to this. Maybe.

Now… I am off to take a fresh dose of cold medicine, and then climb in bed.



  1. You know what they say…absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe after a break (and feeling better) your mojo for the JWG will be renewed. Hope you feel better soon!

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