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Deadlines = Motivation


Lately, I have been busy not-working on Flower Patch. I have made some progress, but it has been a struggle to stay focused on it because I am not all that excited about it. Which is basically the reason it has been sitting around unfinished for over a year. Perhaps “unfinished” is a generous term, “barely started” might be more accurate.

This morning though, I have that “gotta get it done” feeling that only comes with a looming deadline. Exactly why I chose it for my March Year of Finishes goal! I have been putting off working on my March BOM blocks in favor of getting Flower Patch done by the end of the month, so now with three deadlines on the horizon I am feeling a bit more motivated. Hopefully I will still be feeling the need to get it done tonight when I am actually able to work on it.

Perhaps getting all 17 of the flower blocks mostly done has also helped with the motivation. I just need to figure out what fabric to use for the flower centers, and then those will be done and I will feel like I have made significant progress. So, that is my goal for tonight… figure out what to do for the flower centers and hopefully get started on cutting and stitching them. Well, I also need to actually stitch together the individual units of the flower blocks, but I will ignore that part since it feels better to think of the flower center as being the last bit to do for the flower blocks. (I know I have a serious lack of pictures for this quilt, so check out Green Fairy’s blog for photos of the quilt in progress… hers looks much better than mine anyway.)

Right now I only have my little Passport to work on though, since my big machine is in the shop for its annual service. It was already three months late and I couldn’t put it off anymore. I took it in Saturday, and I don’t think I will be able to pick it up until this coming Saturday unless I leave work early because the shop closes at 5:00 and it takes me 30+ minutes to get there with traffic. I miss it already. There haven’t been any classes that required a machine since I bought the Passport, so this is my first chance to actually use it. At least it gives me a chance to get acquainted with my new little buddy.

Lately I have also been pondering whether or not to name my machines, now that I have two. In the end I decided it was silly, even though many people do it. However, while I was pondering it I came up with names for both of them and now I secretly think of each machine by name. Don’t tell anyone. My Pfaff Creative Performance has become “Mance” in my mind, and the little Passport 2.0 has become “Sport.” See what I did there with the names? And somehow this means I now associate a gender with my machines as well, how weird is that? “Mance” is a male name, while “Sport” makes me think of a child and I now kind of think of my Passport as a tomboy.

Oh, and a side note… I won a prize in the latest Project QUILTING challenge! I get to choose a pattern from Mishka’s Playground. While it was tempting to get one of the adorable little appliqué mug rug patterns that have been on my wish list for a while now, I decided to go with the Aiming for Accuracy II Quilt Along instead. I chose this one because it looks like an excellent learning opportunity, plus it isn’t going to wrap up until the end of the year and I have enough stuff on my plate already. I did consider getting the first Aiming for Accuracy booklet, which is already completed and is a whopping 104 pages long… but I like the new design bit more.

I don’t think I will be making anything for this last challenge though, even though I know exactly what I would make. I simply don’t think I have time to do this and finish Flower Patch. Perhaps I will change my mind once I see how much progress I can make on Flower Patch in the next couple days.


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