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I am so sorry that I have not been posting lately. Things are crazy busy for me right now, and all my spare time has been spent sewing rather than blogging. Posts are coming soon, I promise! I don’t want to throw a huge post at you, or a ton of posts all at once. So, I will try to space them out… tonight I will try to find time to grab some decent pics so that I can start chipping away at my backlog of posts.

In the meantime here is a bulleted list of the highlights of the past few weeks:

  1. Another Marquise block is done
  2. The very last Under the Veranda block is done, although it still needs trimming
  3. I have made good progress on the ECU quilt my mother in law requested… all blocks are done, and the first two rows are pieced with sashing. I still don’t have the border fabric picked out though.
  4. I joined a bee!
  5. Did a wee bit of stitching on On Point Quilt
  6. My daughter sleeps with a pillow now… I get to make cute pillowcases!
  7. I had a birthday, got some goodies
  8. I found a new tool to add to my list of favorites: Clover’s Petit Cut needle threader
  9. As if I needed more places to spend money, I found a new place to shop for deals on quilting supplies called Massdrop: this is a referral link… if you prefer a non-referral link then click this one. (referring 5+ friends gets you bonuses once they buy stuff)

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