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Bad, Self… Bad!


Remember my resolution to finish all my UFOs before buying a new quilt project? Yeah… well, um… I done bad. Real bad.

While looking around last week, plotting how to spend my $30 gift certificate from Ants to Sugar, I came across a new kit that struck my fancy. It wasn’t available yet, so I just clicked the ‘notify me’ link and kept perusing. Last night they sent me the alert, and, well… yeah. So, thanks for that, Ants to Sugar. Seriously and sardonically 🙂 Really though, thanks! I am so excited about this new project… I think I am going through a solids phase.

Turns out, that was just the gateway. As if breaking my resolution once wasn’t bad enough, this morning Craftsy started another one of their awesome sales. For a long time now, I have had my eye on one of their kits. Admittedly, the kit is usually “on sale” anyway… but it is discounted further during their big sales. I battled with myself for a few hours, but finally gave in and ordered that one as well. It was one that I didn’t want to miss out on, and since it has been on their site so long I didn’t know how high the sell out risk was.

As if ordering two new quilt kits wasn’t bad enough, I have also been secretly buying up scraps and fat quarters for the Alphabet quilt pattern I got a while back. The excuse I have been telling myself for that one is that it will take me a long time to accumulate all the different bits and pieces I will need for it. I even threw a couple fabrics for it into the order. I really do have a problem!!live streaming film Life 2017

Perhaps the guilt I am feeling over these new acquisitions will spur me into finally making some progress on that quilt I promised my mother over a year ago… the one that is currently sitting partially finished in the cabinet beneath my cutting table, silently mocking me.

These new projects have me all excited! The only trouble is that I have no idea when I will actually have the time to do them. Most likely I will end up adding them to my list of things I am juggling, because I am really eager to work on them both. And the Alphabet quilt too… ugh! Too many things!! What is wrong with me??

Update: I found a blog post from the designer about the On Point quilt that I ordered from


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