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Today I attended an appliqué class at My Sewing Shoppe. The teacher was very knowledgeable, and the example quilts she brought in were lovely. I had hoped to learn need-turn appliqué, but unfortunately the teacher was (self-professed) not very good at that technique, and preferred machine appliqué. She did however have a method that mimics needle-turned appliqué, where you glue the appliqué fabric to a piece of stabilizer that has been cut in the desired shape, and then turn the edges under with more glue before stitching it down with the machine. I wonder which takes longer in the end… preparing all your pieces like that before hand and then carefully stitching them in place, or just plopping your appliqué down and turning it under as you stitch. Honestly, I didn’t get as much out of the class as I had hoped to. It was still a good experience though, and I am glad that I attended.

FullSizeRenderI had hoped that after taking today’s class I would have some idea about how I want to tackle the appliqué block in Under the Veranda. I am still uncertain beyond knowing that satin stitch would probably be a bad idea. I learned this when stitching around a heart in the practice appliqué piece we did in class. Satin stitch causes the fabric to bunch up if you don’t have a good stabilizer under it, and it doesn’t look great unless your sewing is very accurate. See my uneven, wobbly outline? I did better with the straight stitching along the raw edge of the appliqué pieces, which can be seen below the heart on the purple piece (done in clear thread though so look closely.) So right now I am torn… do I want to do some Googling and try out hand stitched needle-turn appliqué? Do I want to do a blanket stitch? Straight stitch? Maybe I will have a flash of inspiration when I see the fabrics on top of each other, because right now I got nothing.

FullSizeRenderWhile I was at the Shoppe, I also picked up the first month of Plain & Fancy. The kit includes fabric and instructions for the first block, as well as for four of the sashing blocks that go around it. The sashing has the option of either doing a pieced pinwheel, or doing an appliquéd flower block. Since I want appliqué experience, I chose the latter. It looks like I will be making four of these blocks each month for the first four months, totaling sixteen. Maybe by the time I get to the last one I will almost know what I am doing! There are also some small stars that outline each block, but I don’t see any instruction for those in this packet, so I have a feeling I will be making a lot of little star blocks in the last five months. (it is a 9 month program)Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Before I get to either of those block of the months though, I really need to knock out the Elegance quilt top. I pieced a few more rows on it last night, but haven’t had a chance to work on it today. It is slowly starting to come together! At the end of the month (Jan 31) I will have the second half of the course to be “certified” to rent the long arm machine at My Sewing Shoppe. Once that is completed I will schedule some time to quilt Elegance on their long arm. Unless I turn out to be much better at free motion on the long arm than I expect, I will most likely choose a computerized design for the quilt. I plan to give it away, so I want it to look decent.

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