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Another Seam Ripper & My Magic Wand


I got my new-new seam ripper today! This is the one from WoodnStitchMN made of green dyed, spalted birch wood. The finish on this one is nicer than the one I showed you guys yesterday, smoother and glossier. It catches the light beautifully along the wood grain. Don’t misunderstand, I still love my first seam ripper… but I am in love with this one too! I am pretty sure the blade tip on this one is exactly the same as the other seam ripper, but I haven’t tried it out yet. However, I have had the opportunity to rip a few seams today with the other. I love it so much! The slim shape fits my hand perfectly, and the tip just glides through the threads like butter. It is so sharp I have to be a bit careful actually, as it wouldn’t be hard to rip the fabric along with the errant threads. I highly recommend picking up one of these seam rippers. They are both beautiful and functional! My only problem is that now I have to choose which one to use.

Today I stayed home sick from work again. Honest, I wasn’t playing hookie! I really am sick! At least I didn’t have a fever today, but I still feel cruddy. I did manage to get a bit of sewing done when I wasn’t napping, fixing my mother’s computer, or spending a little extra time with my daughter. Mostly though, I was getting very well acquainted with the “Quilter’s Magic Wand” that I picked up several weeks ago. This was the first time I have really used it, and I must say it was a good purchase. Maybe I should start a section on tools that I love, this one would definitely be in it.

FullSizeRender The Magic Wand is a half inch wide with a line etched precisely down the middle, which makes it exceptionally handy for marking your quarter inch seams when you are sewing half square triangles. At around $5.00 (US) it is pretty inexpensive, and comes in several different colors. The ruler is made of translucent colored acrylic; the etched line catches the light and gives you a bright, thin line that is very easy to align with the points of the fabric square you are marking. I cannot tell you how much easier this is than trying to line up the edge of your standard rulers!

So, the next time you are starting a quilt with a lot of half square triangles, or anything else that requires marking seams like this… pick one of these up. I found this one at a local shop, but you can also order them online. Today I used this little gem to mark up over 320 squares. Don’t get me wrong, marking that many squares is still no fun… but it is much less of a pain with the Magic Wand than with any other ruler I know of, including June Tailor’s Perfect Half Square Triangles ruler. I still plan on using the heck out of the Perfect Half Square ruler when it comes to trimming these little guys up, but I am going to leave the marking to the Magic Wand.



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