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Almost time to vote!


Just a few hours left before voting opens for Project QUILTING’s third challenge! Again, not asking you guys to vote for me, but there are some cool things to check out. I don’t think the entries are quite as impressive as the last couple challenges, but then, this one was kind of limiting since you had to use UFO or orphan blocks. Still, it is definitely cool to see what people can whip up in a week and some of the entries are quite good. My humble little zipper pouch doesn’t compare to things like “Bloom Where You’re Planted” or “Cupcake O’Hare.”

In related news, I already received the thread I won from the last challenge! They are all happily sitting on my over-filled thread shelf. There was also a tiny little Project QUILTING button in the package, which I stuck on the wall hanging I made for the challenge. The little quilt is currently tacked on my wall, in a spot that fits it perfectly next to my cutting table. The bag from this week’s challenge has found a purpose in holding the long arm zippers and the t-pins used to attach the quilt layers to them.

In unrelated news, yesterday was the club meeting for the Under the Veranda block of the month. This month will also include appliqué, but no bonus project. Right now I am pretty miffed at Amanda Murphy (the designer) though. I started cutting all my fabric last night, ready to get started. The instruction booklet told me to cut my background fabric “WOF” which means “width of fabric.” However, this color way has directional print background fabric, so it should have said to cut it “length of fabric.” This means I wasted my background fabric and now I have to go back to the store and get more. That or just make my block sideways and throw the whole quilt off. So irritated. This is made more irritating since the only shop that carries this fabric around here is the one that is hosting the BOM, and they won’t be open late enough for me to go after work until Thursday. This means I get to be irritated for at least four more days.

On a happier note, the Elegance quilt top is finished! I haven’t worked out a way to take a good photo of the huge quilt top yet though.


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