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A Weekend of Stashing!


Okay, so I don’t normally write the “Sunday Stash” sort of post… but this weekend I have been on a bit of a shopping spree. The annual Carolina Quilt shop hop is underway, and I have already been to six shops. And in addition to shop hopping, Wish Upon a Quilt hosted an “auction” for members of the Under the Veranda clubhouse where you used fake money earned throughout the block of the month program to bid on items. Needless to say, I have accumulated a lot of goodies over the past few days and added tons more to my wish list. So, I thought I would share some of the good stuff I picked up in case you guys would like to add to your own stashes. If you see something that you would like more info on, just ask! I have a TON of stuff to cover here, so I can’t go into great detail or this post would be even more gigantic than it already is.

I apologize in advance for crappy photography. Some were snapped with my phone, others at home. The lighting in my sewing room is horrible now that I switched from CFL to LED lights… I really need to switch back. The only trouble is that I am afraid to mention this to my husband because he gets giddy every time a light bulb blows, since it means he gets to buy a new LED. I hate to break his heart, but I need better lighting!

There weren’t quite as many shops participating in the shop hop this time. I started quilting in 2013, and I think I remember there being 16 shops that year compared to the 13 this year; and of those 13 a couple are new to the hop. You only needed stamps from six shops to be entered in the grand prize drawing this year, which was good except that a couple of the nearest shops weren’t participating this year.. so I still had to trek out of town to collect my six.

One of the shops on the hop, Thimble Pleasures, is about 20 minutes from work versus 45 minutes from home. In order to save a little time I decided to swing by there before heading home on Friday, so that was my first stop! I found some new marking tools, a couple of which I have been meaning to buy for a while… a pen-style chaco liner and an air erasable marker (love this!!) that has an eraser built into the other end. These joined another wheel-style chaco liner that I had picked up Thursday from another shop (okay, so my shopping spree might have begun the day before the hop).

I also grabbed some new doll needles, a kit for an adorable owl wall hanging, ten fat quarters, some minky and wool felt for my daughter’s halloween costume, and a gorgeous 1-5/8yd remnant of Japanese fabric that I just had to have. I have no clue what I will make with the remnant beyond maybe bag, but I HAD to own it. And now I am totally smitten with Quilt Gate, and fighting the temptation to purchase some more of their fabric from a Massdrop (referral link) deal that just happens to be going on right now. Honestly, the only thing stopping me from joining the drop is that it is only for fat quarters… I want yards!!

The next morning was the Wish Upon a Quilt auction. Throughout the Under the Veranda program, participants earned “Clubhouse Cash” for bringing show & tells, completed blocks, just showing up, etc to the meetings. Since they were also participating in the shop hop, I got to knock out two birds there. I really hadn’t planned on purchasing much since I had acquired such a haul the day before… but, well, yeah.

First, the auction was pretty cool. I scored a fat eighth bundle of Day Sail by Bonnie and Camille for Moda, some Hemingworth duckbill appliqué scissors, an Add a Quarter ruler, a coaster, and a set of Creative Grids Sweet ‘N Sassy Templates (rhombus/diamond shapes), as well as a fat quarter bundle of Stella by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics. And we can’t forget the coveted green basket that everything (except the Day Sail) came in! The running joke throughout the auction was that it was really these Dollar Tree baskets we were bidding on.

Once the auction was over I wandered around the store for a bit, fully intending to just check the clearance table and try to exit without purchasing anything. Then I saw ‘Houses Under the Newspaper Moon’ from the Story line designed by Carrie Bloomston for SUCH Designs and presented by Windham Fabrics. For the second time in two days I found fabric that I absolutely HAD to have. I got two yards, but would have liked to have bought a bolt! There is no way I could do it justice with a photo, and even the site I linked before doesn’t have great pictures of the full image printed on the fabric. So for that I give you a second link to I really must order more of this fabric… I want the entire line. Well, maybe not the ones with the paper doll cut outs… but I want all of the others. If anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present, just give me yards and yards of any of the prints!! 🙂 And, since Wish had a bundle deal where you got 10% off if you bought three things, and 20% off if you bought six… and two yards of the fabric counted as two items, I obviously had to purchase something else in order to save money. So, more fat quarters came home as well as some more glue refills for my trusty Sew Line glue stick.

At that point it was noon, so I went home thinking to have lunch with the family before putting kiddo down for a nap and hitting the other local stores. However, my sweet husband asked how far away the farthest shop was… I told him it was almost two hours (since there is no way I was going to the one 3 hours away). Surprisingly he said, “Well, Anna needs to nap anyway, she can just sleep in the car.” What?! My husband was willingly volunteering to drive nearly four hours round trip AND go to quilt shops?! He must want something. So, instead of putting off the farther shops until next weekend, I got to go ahead and knock them out! As an added bonus, since he drove I got to finish another Marquise block!

We managed to squeeze in three more stores, making a grand total of five shops. We first went to Sewingly Yours because I really wanted a kit for the wall hanging they designed for the hop. The theme for the hop this year was, “Folklore & Fairy Tales… Creating magic & dreams one stitch at a time!” so I have no idea why Sewingly Yours designed a wall hanging and a tote bag with sea turtles… unless they were just so inspired by Row By Row’s “H20” theme that they just had to include these in the Carolina hop. Whatever the reason, I am glad they did! It is really the only reason I drove out that far. I might have been content with only the local shops otherwise, even though I wouldn’t have qualified for the grand prize drawing without the extra shop stamps.

So, add two more kits to my pile of projects that I don’t have time for. The nice thing about these kits though, is that all of the appliqué is pre-cut for me! This means they will be so much faster to make… which also means less procrastination about starting because all I really have to do for the wall hanging is iron the pieces in place, stitch, and then quilt. In the unlikely event that I have time to make these before Christmas, they might even make great gifts.

The closest shop to Sewlingly Yours is a new place called Trailer Stash Fabrics. From just reading their ‘About’ page I really expected it to just be a tiny shop run out of a little restored camper trailer, so I was surprised to find that they actually had a brick and mortar store. A very nice store I might add. If only it were closer to home, it would be my new most favorite shop… instead it just leaves me rather depressed that if I wanted to shop there again I would have nearly a four hour round trip to do so.

They have an Etsy store that fails to do them justice, I really wish I could give you a link to a website that showed everything they carry. They have lots of Liberty Lawn stuff, voiles, fancy zippers, sashiko supplies, color bag clasps, and other fun things you don’t typically see at quilt shops. If you are ever in the area, this is definitely a shop you have to check out. After spending so much at the other shops though, I had to exercise a lot of self control because I really would have loved to just bring the whole store home with me. It was very difficult. Very. I did manage to escape with only a shirt, a book, and a little hand stitching kit. However, they did have a quilt kit that I was utterly in love with… and before I left I made them promise to let me use the 25% off a future purchase coupon  they gave me, and to ship it so that I didn’t have to drive out there.


After Trailer Stash we made a quick stop at Sew Original, where I just grabbed some more fat quarters…. nothing exciting there. That brings me to today. I had planned to hit two shops, but neither one opened until 1pm. At that point I was exhausted from dealing with a night of 2-year-old sleep regression, a busy morning of running errands, visiting Anna’s great-grandmother, and a full day of traveling and shopping the day before. So, instead of shop hopping I was napping. I did make it to one shop just before they closed though.. which means I have my six stamps for the grand prize drawing. The sixth shop was Cary Quilting Company, one of my local favorites. Since this is a shop I go to pretty frequently, it was pretty easy to control myself here. I did buy a new book they just got in though. Technically it is a magazine, but it is book-priced and book-sized.

Initially I just picked it up because the wording of the title was a bit amusing, “Special Children.” Really? You couldn’t call it “Children’s Special” or something? It really is an awesome book though, I want to make at least half of the things in it. One of the patterns has actually been on my Etsy wish list for a long time now, so I am stoked to own it and 19 other projects for the $23 price tag of the book since that one pattern is $11 by itself. If you follow this link, you can flip through the book to see many of the neat projects included in it. The preview does fail to include that pattern in my Etsy wish list that I mentioned earlier though, which is named ‘Sleepytime’; you can check it out at Piper’s Girls Etsy shop though. This book also lead me to another wall hanging that I really want to make (like I need more quilts on my to do list) called Bird on a Wire through an advertisement. Let it be noted that I already checked with my husband and have approval to hang it in our foyer.Grey Lady movie download

I want to make one more stop on the shop hop at a local store at some point this week, but I doubt I will be adding much else to this list of awesome new goodies I have acquired. I am pretty tapped out… I mostly want to go just to put my name in the pot for their door prize drawing, get the coupon for a future visit, and then drop my “passport” of stamps off and be done with the hop.

Since I have already written all this about my recent stashing… I might as well add in a couple more things! Lately I have gotten the crazy idea in my head that I want a serger, and that I want to start sewing clothing made with knits. While perusing the destashing groups and other fabric sites, I happened on some My Neighbor Totoro inspired fabric that I just had to have… one day this will (probably) become a shirt for my daughter once I have some practice sewing with knits.

I have also picked up fabric to make a couple wine totes, and I ordered the tote pattern from a shop that isn’t participating in the hop. The pattern came in Friday, but with all the hopping I haven’t had time to stop in and pick it up… hopefully I will get started on these really soon, especially since I already have some wine waiting to be stowed in one of them!



    • Robyn

      I got it from a destash group on Facebook… I am pretty sure it was Knit Destash although I have seen it floating around some other destash groups as well. Originally it came from Knitorious. You can tell that it isn’t “real” Totoro fabric, but it is close enough! There is some other Studio Ghibli stuff floating around too, which I might have to snap up as well.

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