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So, I never posted about the gift box I got from Massdrop for 10 referrals even though I said I would ages ago. And since I got it so long ago, it means I don’t have photos of the actual…


Yesterday I promised to write more about my current projects and how I am starting to get back into the swing of things with sewing. So, here goes… First, my biggest project right now is a knitted shawl, which I…

Yarn Projects My current knitting project

Apologies for not posting anything in months. I just needed to step back from things and work at finding a new pace. A pace that would let me find a better balance between life, hobbies, work, and everything else. There…


I am a bit delayed in posting about this… sorry! But, remember my little seahorse block from the New Block Blog Hop? Back in September? Well, Quilting Jet Girl finished the charity quilts! Yvonne (the Jet Girl herself) posted about it nearly…

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